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Circle - Katapult
At this year�s Roadburn festival I was told that headliners Neurosis felt that Circle was the best band on the bill of this entire two day heavy (stoner)rock festival. I didn�t ignore this remark and checked out the show. I was treated to one of the weirdest spectacles ever. Now I get the opportunity to review their latest album; Katapult.
The disc is fairly calm, at least a lot calmer than what I expected of it. It�s actually reasonably relaxing, yet very freaky. If you don�t pay attention to it when it�s playing it doesn�t seem like anything really odd is happening. But when you play close attention, it�s very obvious something odd is happening. At the forefront of the music long-stretched, spacey things are happening. But in the background there is a lot of anxious stuff going on. But not in every track though.
There is no way or really describing Katapult. To visually describe it; imagine cruising down the Amazone river in a canoe, while discovering something new on the shores every 10 yards you pass by. There is a whole in the music, but the whole is so incredibly diverse in a disturbing, yet not disturbing way. Circle obviously is in a league of their own, at the forefront of innovative music.
If you�re looking for something spacey, loaded with synths and innovative as hell, don�t miss out on these guys. Dare to space out of this world on a UFO made of LSD. Whatever that means.
Circle - Katapult
87/1001Details No Quarter
Released on Tuesday Sep 11th, 2007
Experimental SpaceRock

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Oct 24th, 2007

Tags: #Circle
Tracklisting 1. Saturnus Reality
2. Torpedo Star Throne
3. Black Black Never Never Land
4. Understanding New Age
5. Tree On The Higher Mountain
6. Four Points Of The Compass
7. Fish Reflection
8. Skeletor Highway
9. Snow Olympics
Line up Jussi Lehtisalo - guitars, vocals
Tomi Lepp�nen - drums, percussion, synthesizers
Mika R�tt� - vocals, percussion, synthesizers, guitars
Janne Westerlund - bass