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In Flames - Soundtrack To Your Escape
The newest release of one of the most inspiring Gothenburg death metal band: In Flames, is again a very progressive album. Soundtrack To Your Escape is the name of the newest release and it’s quality is quite outstanding. The first track begins with a little intro in which In Flames burst out. When hearing 40 seconds of the track it was easy to conclude that they’ve created a mix between their new style as heard on Reroute To Remain and the more older work like Colony and Clayman. This is plainly continuing with the track The Quiet Place, which is the new single. A video has been shot for this track too because it’s a very nice song with luring rhythm changes and melancholic voices. Anders Friden is not sparse with growls and grunts anymore and when listening to the next track Dead Alone, he certainly sounds a lot better than on Reroute To Remain. The next song Touch Of Red has a nice head bang rhythm and I couldn’t help swinging my head. The guitar riffs are tight and sound almost mechanical, so perfectly mixed. That is a little point that I regret, the sheer brutality isn’t with In Flames anymore and they’ve set their style totally on this new sound. It’s definitely a lot better than Reroute, because the aggression is still there, but the sound is too perfect. My Sweet Shadow is a quite fast song with again those nice head banging riffs. With Evil In A Closet the tempo drops drastically and it’s a nice ballad like song. I’m quite glad that they’ve not fucked up those slower parts but hey, In Flames are superb musicians, so they won’t have difficulties with that. After the ballad, the tempo goes up again with In Search For I, which is a fast thrashy song that sounds nice. After that, my favourite track begins. Borders And Shading is a song with superb strong riffs, nice vocals and a pounding bassline. This certainly is a song that should be performed live and it deserves all the credit too. The next song begins somewhat faster and is humorously entitled Superhero Of The Computer Age. A lot of screaming and growling, but also a nice clean voice singing on its best. The rest of the album is quite the same and listens away quite easy. When I stopped listening, I wanted to play it again, and that’s not so usual for me. Normally I listen to an album 3 times before I review it, but this one needed some more. Now I understand the extreme potential of this album and I must confess that I’ve been playing little else lately. The album is a strong mix between Reroute To Remain and the more older work, although they’ve also experimented with new styles. It’s definitely a lot more aggressive than Reroute To Remain but not like the old days. The double bass pieces are almost gone and instead it’s a more rolling rhythm without the brutal blasting. I won’t say that this album is a masterpiece, but it gets close. I definitely liked this album and if In Flames continue this style, I think they’ll get a lot more fans. Track List: 1: F(r)iend 2: The Quiet Place 3: Dead Alone 4: Touch Of Red 5: Like You Better Dead 6: My Sweet Shadow 7: Evil In A Closet 8: In Search For I 9: Borders And Shading 10: Superhero Of The Computer Age 11: Dial 595-Escape 12: Bottled Line Up: Vocals – Anders Friden Guitars – Jesper Strömblad Guitars – Bjorn Gelotte Bass – Peter Iwers Drums – Daniel Svensson