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Hell 'n Diesel - Passion For Power
With a band name that reminds me of another band from a while ago (it still exist and weíre all SOOOOOO waiting for "Chinese Democracy", NOT!), a nickname for a guitarist that is combo of on of the greatest (Slash, for the ones who just canít seem to figure it out) and the guy from U2, I kind of started out on the wrong foot with this band. Because no matter how sad the nicknames are, the musicís pretty good!

Hell Ďn Diesel is rocking! They start out with the rocking 'Sweet sister' and rock on until the smooth 'Fallin'. After that my favorite song off the album, 'Miss Cocaine', gets me back in the rocking mood! The drums and vocals are pretty standard for a band in this genre. The bass tracks form a good foundation for the songs and the guitar tracks surprise with, smoothly integrated pinch harmonics and just a great sound. Instead of imitating Slashís signature sound, Sledge (My god, canít get used to it...oh well) has his own sound, which refers to it.

This is an easy listener right here. Are you haviní a party with beer, woman and maybe more? Turn this on and you wonít send people home, but youíre also not getting any more people in from the street. Itís just a good standard rock album. Not extremely good, but definitely not bad!
Hell 'n Diesel - Passion For Power
77/1001Details Sonic Rendezvous
Released on Friday Sep 28th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Friday Oct 26th, 2007

Tags: #Hell 'n Diesel
Tracklisting 1. Sweet sister
2. You shook me
3. Crosses (kixxx)
4. Sexual suicide
5. Fallin'
6. Miss cocaine
7. Attitude
8. S.O.Y.L.
9. Love me hard
10.Ride away
11.Sweat it
Line up EVIL - Vocals
SLEDGE - Guitar
BLANCO - Drums