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La-Ventura - A New Beginning
The last couple of years, Holland is flooded with female-fronted �gothic� rock/metal bands. Following acts like Within Temptation, After Forever, Epica and Delain, we�ve now got La-Ventura. La-Ventura is a band formed by drummer Erwin Polderman (ex-Orphanage, Holland�s first gothic groove metal band) and singer Carla Douw. 'La-Ventura' means luck and that is what they are going to need to reach the top with so many bands in the same genre.
During the first couple of times I listened to their debut album, I wasn�t really impressed. What I heard wasn�t bad, but everything sounded really familiar. After a while I got to appreciate the music on A New Beginning more and more. Carla has a great passionate voice and she sings flawlessly. Especially during the piano ballad �Remind You�  she shows how well she can sing. Besides the great performance, the song is a bit forced; why should every gothic rock/metal act have a ballad on their album?

The first song on A New Beginning, �Deadline�, has a very typical intro; you think it�s going to be heavy, but when the vocals kick in you get disappointed. The tension is gone and the music is a bit too calm. �Only Love Will Finds Its Way�  is way better than �Deadline�, the song is heavier and the tension which is created at the beginning of the track is maintained until the end. �Trefoil� starts with a synthesizer intro and isn�t the slowest song, but it�s also not the heaviest. To pick �Trefoil� as their first single is a logical decision, because it doesn�t scare people away who aren�t into metal and isn�t too soft for people who do like metal.
A New Beginning will find it�s way to those who are into gothic rock, but I doubt if many other people can be convinced by this CD. The vocals are great, besides that there aren�t enough elements in La-Ventura's music to distinct them from any other band in this genre.
La-Ventura - A New Beginning
73/1001Details Self Released
Released on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007
Gothic Rock/Metal

Writer @Gilles on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007

Tags: #La-Ventura
Tracklisting 1. Deadline
2. Memoria
3. Only Love Will Finds Its Way
4. Trefoil
5. Remind You
6. Cry
7. Messed Up
8. A New Beginning
9. The Hunter
10. Right & Righteousness
Line up Carla Douw - Vocals
Erwin Polderman - Drums
Sascha Kondic - Guitar
Michael Saffrie - Bass
Marco van Boven - Synths