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Kawabata Makoto - Inui.4
When The Burial Chamber Trio was on tour here, I visited two of their shows. One of them was in Rotterdam, where there was a support act coming from a French and a Japanese guy; Jean-Fran�ois Pauvros and Kawabata Makoto, known from his work in Acid Mothers Temple. And now I�m about to review this guy�s latest release of ambient drone-like music; Inui.4.
The thing that drives this album for the most part is a high peep that keeps on going for about the entire album, excluding some small pauses in it from time to time. Every sound on the (almost) seventy minute song revolves around this peep. To most people this might be a very annoying sound, but the trained ambient ear can get so much out of it. Toying around with the frequency of the peep keeps it interesting, and the added sounds make sure you�re listening to a whole instead of just some random noise.
When the albums ends, I feel very relaxed. I don�t have the peep in my ear still, but I can just lie down and fall asleep so it seems. Although I must say that there are some occasions where the peep is a bit too much, even for me. Luckily focussing on the ambient guitar sounds on the side pulls you through this, but listening to this record twice in a row really stings my ears.
I�d recommend it to fans of ambient, noise, space, drone and industrial recordings. If you can�t work with any of these genres, stay as far from this as possible. Otherwise it might be worth the trip.
Kawabata Makoto - Inui.4
78/1001Details VHF Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 18th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007

Tags: #Kawabata Makoto
Tracklisting 1. Ryo
Line up Kawabata Makoto - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electronics, hurdy-gurdy