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The Harrowed - S/T
The Harrowed is a metal band from down under. They already released five independent cd�s under the moniker Fury. I have never heard a single note of Fury, so this will be my maiden voyage regarding The Harrowed.
The style The Harrowed plays can be described as old school thrash combined with more modern thrash metal. Their music also contains some death metal elements and some Merauderesque metalcore influences. One name that popped in my head frequently is Sepultura. And with Sepultura I don�t mean the Sepultura clone that is touring the world right now, but the real deal, the Beneath the Remains-Sepultura! I even think The Harrowed come quite close to the original in terms of delivered quality.
The vocals of Mick O�Neil are powerful and the guitarist play with just the right groove and the variation between nice riffs and solo�s is excellent. This variation results in interesting and memorable songs. Especially the opener �Profile Unknown� is a really nice start of a cd. I do have a point of criticism and that�s a lack of change in tempo. I hear too much the same tempo and I think variety would make The Harrowed an even better listen.
I think The Harrowed did a fine job to make a nice thrash album. I�m really looking forward to their next outing. Because if this is the top of the iceberg than I am curious what�s underneath all the snow and ice!
The Harrowed - S/T
77/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Sep 21st, 2007
Thrash Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007

Tags: #The Harrowed
Tracklisting 1. Profile Unknown
2. The Inner Thread
3. Summoning The Eternal
4. Chrysalis Tsorn
5. Dark Bliss
6. Another Scar
7. The Voyage
8. Wisdom From The Flesh Of The Falen
9. Torpor (bonus demo track)
Line up Mick O�Neil � Vocals
Ricky Boon � Guitar
Darren McLennan � Lead Guitar
Daniel Wall - Bass
Ricardo Vozzo � Drums