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Sadus - Re-releases

Most thrash/death metalfans will definitely know about Sadus. These Californians started out in the late 80s as a Slayer-esque band, but soon turned into a technical thrash/death monster of its own, probably due to the musicianship of the likes of bassplayer Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Testament) and skinman John Allen (Dragonlord). The band used to be signed to Roadrunner Records, but somehow Displeased attained the rights to a few classics of the band. 

Since I'm not going to review the albums itself (and as far as I know, the remastering doesn't improve the quality in a notable amount), I'll just point out the extra's. All the CD booklets contain the album lyrics, liner notes by Steve DiGiorgio and an overview of the band's discography. Next to this, each disc has its own few extra's:

Sadus - Illusions / Chemical Exposure 

Illusions / Chemical Exposure is the first disc of the band, and its bonustracks consist of the Death To Posers demo, the Certain Death demo and Certain Death video.

Sadus - Swallowed in black 

Their second full lenght is their most succesfull record; and showed a more composed, tighter playing Sadus. The technical influences are a bit more notable compared to their debut-album. This re-release contains 4 bonus tracks of the Wake of Severity and the Good Rid'nz video. Personally, if you're going to get any of these discs, this would be an excellent choice.

Sadus - Visions of Misery

Visions of Misery is the band's third album, and it had a significant different sound. The time that bassmaster Steve DiGiorgio spent with bands like Death sounds through, and the band trades in their "in your face" thrash-attitude for a lot of prog-death-ish sounds. This one doesn't have any bonustracks but contains a DVD with the following content:

Live Oakland 19-09-1992: A one-camera affair with mediocre sound, but it does show the band in it's prime so its worth a watch. 

Live NY'90: Same as above, but in an even worse quality. For the rest is also contains snippets of the band backstage, rolling some smokes etc. Fun to see once.

So, are there records worth getting? Yes, especially if you don't have these three records, can't find the originals anymore and above all, are interested into Sadus. As DiGiorgio said himself: 

"The way I see it, is that our music is getting more readily available to the old fucks and new young fucks that have been scanning, and overpaying on eBay to get it. All of this wouldn't be happening if we didn't stoke the embers and revitalize ourselves. The reissue demo CD, the Santiago DVD, the new album, the shows, the upcoming DVD, and now the reissued Roadrunner albums...all in the last two or three years. In the big picture, it's all brought SADUS back to life and got people talking about us again, wanting to book us more, and listening to our music again...maybe more than ever."

Sadus - Re-releases
No ScoreDetails Displeased Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 28th, 2007
Thrash-Death metal

Writer @Carn on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007

Tags: #Sadus
Tracklisting Tracklist Illusions/Chemical Exposure

1. 'Certain Death'
2. 'Undead'
3. 'Sadus Attack'
4. 'Torture'
5. 'And Then You Die'
6. 'Hands Of Fate'
7. 'Twisted Face'
8. 'Fight Or Die'
9. 'Illusions'
10. 'Chemical Exposure'
11. 'Sadus Attack' ('D.T.P.' demo)
12. 'Torture' ('D.T.P.' demo)
13. 'Kill Team' ('D.T.P.' demo)
14. 'Desolator' ('D.T.P.' demo)
15. 'Fight Or Die'('D.T.P.' demo)
16. 'Twisted Face' ('D.T.P.' demo)
17. 'Hands Of Fate' (van de 'Certain Death' demo)
18. 'Number One' ('Certain Death' demo)
19. 'Certain Death' (videoclip).

Tracklist Swallowed in Black
1. 'Black'
2. 'Man Infestation'
3. 'Last Abide'
4. 'The Wake'
5. 'In Your Face'
6. 'Good Rid'nz'
7. 'False Incarnation'
8. 'Images'
9. 'Powers Of hate'
10. 'Arise'
11. 'Oracle Of Obmission'
12. 'The Wake' (van de 'Wake Of Severity' demo)
13. 'Powers Of Hate' ('Wake Of Severity' demo)
14. 'Good Rid'nz' ('Wake Of Severity' demo)
15. 'Good Rid'nz' (videoclip).

Tracklist Visions of Misery
1. 'Through the Eyes of Greed' � 4:17
2. 'Valley of Dry Bones' � 2:22
3. 'Machines' � 3:52
4. 'Slave to Misery' � 4:01
5. 'Throwing away the Day' � 3:43
6. 'Facelift' � 7:00
7. 'Deceptive Perceptions' � 3:35
8. 'Under the Knife' � 2:11
9. 'Echoes of Forever' � 6:00

Line up Darren Travis - vocals/guitar
Rob Moore - guitar
Steve DiGiorgio - bassguitar
Jon Allen - drums