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Fear Falls Burning/Birchville Cat Motel - St
Yet another album filled with drone ambient music, this time by a guy I know; Fear Falls Burning and a guy I�ve never heard of; Birchville Cat Motel. Both are experimental artists, only the first-mentioned uses more guitar based sounds and the second one is more of a electronics dude, if I�m correct. Let�s space!
The disc has one track, which is called �Untitled�. It starts out rather calm and ambient, with minimal sounds. But after the first quarter of the song or so, it becomes really intense with high, nerve-wrecking sounds that yet somehow seem to relax because they stay at the same frequency all the time. This stays so for about twenty minutes or so, gradually intensifying and moving towards lower drone sounds, replacing the high tones. This is where a real kind of Sunn 0))) ambiance is created. This slowly changes into a (death) industrial atmosphere a bit which slowly fades into ambient drones again. As a whole, this is a great drone experience that will pick you up and slow put you down within the fifty minutes of its existence.
Anxious ambient drones is what this album is about. A great collaboration between two guys that are into this scene for a long time now already, and a great addition to any drone fan�s collection for sure.
Fear Falls Burning/Birchville Cat Motel - St
80/1001Details Western Vinyl
Released on Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Nov 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Fear Falls Burning/Birchville Cat Motel
Tracklisting 1. Untitled
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