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Sinamore - Seven Sins A Second
Do you remember my last Sinamore review? Probably not, but here�s another one. After more than a year they are back with their second full length Seven Sins A Second.
From 1998 untill 2006 they released a handful of demos. They still had one full-length album unreleased because of problems they had with the label they were with at that time. It was somewhere around 2003 that they signed with Napalm Records. After re-recording their unreleased debut, adding some new tracks to it, they released A New Day in 2006.
Now, this Finnish quartet are back with their second album Seven Sins A Second. And they still rock! Though this record seems to have more metal influences. �Silence So Loud� and �Far From A Dream� contain tight metal riffs and even some double bass drumming. Next to the metal you still hear the romantic gothic sound back in Sinamore�s music. �Dressed In White� for example has a great catchy chorus with a choir in the background. It also looks that they made more space for speed on this record. �The Burning Frame� has nice up-tempo drums and sounds very powerful. Again you hear the metal influences here.
The vocals also seem to be improved. It�s more balanced this time. Especially the louder parts compared to their debut. Let's for convenience�s sake forget about this weird part in �Unbreakable Calm� where the vocals sound like it�s sang by some Lord of the Rings character. I�m not sure why they used that. Probably a gothic thing to do?
Anyway, in the end it�s pretty nice for a second album. Still, they need to try to stick with or rise above their current level. Because in my opinion Sinamore doesn�t do something new or special or what so ever. They�re just good in what they do. But when there isn�t clearly visible progress in their music they will probably get overruled by bigger names. But on the other hand, I�m no music guru so maybe you shouldn�t even listen to me�..what was the point of this review again??? 
Sinamore - Seven Sins A Second
80/1001Details Napalm /Spv
Released on Monday Nov 5th, 2007
Gothic Rock

Writer @Maurits on Saturday Nov 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Sinamore
Tracklisting 1. Outro
2. Better Alone
3. Silence So Loud
4. Dressed In White
5. Frozen Mile
6. Burning Frame, The
7. Everything Ends
8. Unbreakable Calm
9. Far From a Dream
10. Eyes Of May
Line up Tommi Tapani Muhli : guitar
Mikko Heikkil� : guitar, vocals
Miika Juhani Hostikka : drums
Jarno Uski : bass