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Sandra Nasic - The Signal
Sandra Nasic is of course well known for her work with Guano Apes. In 2004 she left Guano Apes to seek her own fortune and test her qualities. She describes The Signal as “her favorite playlist”. But is it my favorite playlist?
Sandra´s new work is very comparable to the previous albums of Guano Apes, their third album Walking On A Thin Line in particular. There’s just one main difference and that’s the big influence of contemporary pop music in the sound of Sandra. This is especially the case with the last few songs on the album. Tracks like The Signal, Counting Trees and Ireen even have a Gwen Stefani-like feel about them. I think these songs will scare the more rock-orientated public. On the other hand the fan of the better popmusic will have a good time listening to them.
There are some excellent rocktunes on this album. Especially the first single of the album, Fever, is worth mentioning. It´s too bad that those songs are mixed up with some fillers. Those songs bring the overall quality of the album down. You also don’t have to expect some killer riffs or remarkable drumwork. All the songs are written in service of her voice, which is in a great shape by the way. This of course comes with a downside and that´s a lack of change in tempo. Almost all the songs are midtempo or slower and that´s in my opinion a missed opportunity.
Sandra clearly aims at the more mainstream public instead of the rock/metal fans among us. This is definitely not a bad album, but it just doesn’t rock enough to give it an edge over other artists. I was expecting that someone with her experience and status would make a very nice and an above average rockalbum, so I am a bit disappointed with the delivered quality and the songwriting. Maybe her next album will prove me wrong, but I am afraid Sandra is lost for the rock audience.
Sandra Nasic - The Signal
72/1001Details GUN Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 16th, 2007

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Nov 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Sandra Nasic
Tracklisting 1. The Name Of My Baby
2. Sorry
3. Right Lane
4. Fever
5. Mecasanova (Yam Yam)
6. Do It Again
7. Stop The Crying
8. Old Shack
9. Big City
10. Perfume
11. The Signal
12. Counting Trees
13. Ireen
Line up Sandra Nasic – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Christian Neander, Godi Hildmann, Patrik Berger and Steve Lironi - Guitars
Martin Helms, Klaus Knapp, Steve Lironi, Patrik Berger and Christian Neander - Bass
Patrik Berger and Oliver Pinelli - Keyboards
Nico Lipolis, Ged Lynch, Sebastian Forslund and Reiner Hubert - Drums