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Liquid Horizon - Revolutions
Founded in 2000, Liquid Horizon is a progressive metal band which is influenced by Savatage, Vanden Plas and Dream Theater amongst others. After releasing Urban Legends in 2004 the band is now back with a concept album dedicated to the memory of revolutions and the struggle for freedom. Some tracks are about Adolf Hitler and World War II, other ones are about Spartacus and the French Revolution.

The CD starts with �Welcome To The Revolution�. During this intro, a voice whispers: Light a candle in remembrance of the dead who died for justice and freedom, it's so sad. Welcome to the Revolution!�. After this the song �Battle Entrance�  kicks in. The meaning of each song will be explained later on, so at first I�m going to talk about the music only. The vocals on �Battle Entrance�  remind me a bit of James LaBrie (Dream Theater). The vocals of singer/guitar player Oliver Kilthau are a bit more raw, but especially during the melodic parts the two voices are comparable. An other member to be mentioned is the keyboardist Michael Heck. Michael gives every song a bit of a progressive touch, which works out really well.

The climax of this record is the 21-and-a-half-minute long trilogy about the French Revolution. During these three songs, the band really shows what they can offer to the listener. The trilogy starts of very calm, has got some solos, heavy and progressive parts in it. In short it has got everything in it. I�m not very fond of history, but when it is explained in this way I�m always willing to listen to it.

In the booklet the band describes the meaning of each song short, but clear. This is what they have to say about each track:

�Welcome To The Revolution�

What you hold in your hands is a concept album dedicated to the memory of revolutions and the struggle for freedom in the history of mankind� Welcome to the revolution!

�Battle Entrance�

In 1918 German sailors refused to follow the order of Naval Command to attack Great Britain�s Royal Navy. This mutiny was part of the events that finally led to the end of the monarchy.

'Sacred Ground�

Geronimo was a leader of the Apache tribe, warring against the encroachment of the United States on his tribal lands and people. After surrendering he was sent to prison and was never allowed to return to his land of birth.


Spartacus was gladiator-slave in ancient Rome and became the leader of a slave uprising against the Roman Republic. The uprising failed and Spartacus� followers were killed in battle or crucified along the Via Appia�


During World War II the White Rose was a non-violent German resistance group famous for leaflet campaigns in which they called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. Most of them were captured and executed�


Georg Elser tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1939. He was killed in 1945 in the Dachau concentration camp, just a few weeks before the end of war.

'The King�

The first part of our Trilogy about the French Revolution portrays the thoughts of the King as being chosen by God�


The Revolution is breaking loose! Many of the values and ideals we hold dear today originate from this revolution.

�System Of Terror�

Under the control of Robespierre the Reign of Terror is unleashed. At least 18.000 people are accused of counter-revolutionary activities and meet their deaths under the guillotine�

�Last Stand�

Some of the ideas expressed in the United States� Declaration of Independence mark another milestone in the history of mankind: �The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness��

Liquid Horizon - Revolutions
78/1001Details Artistworxx
Released on Friday Oct 12th, 2007
Progressive Heavy Metal

Writer @Gilles on Sunday Nov 4th, 2007

Tags: #Liquid Horizon
Tracklisting 1. Welcome to the Revolution
2. Battle Entrance
3. Sacred Ground
4. Freedom
5. Resistance
6. Sacrifice
7. The King (French Revolution Part 1)
8. Revolution (French Revolution Part 2)
9. System of Terror (French Revolution Part 3)
10. Last Stand
Line up Oliver Kilthau - Guitar&vocals
Marc Schroth - Bass&backing vocals
Chuck West - Drums
Michael Heck - Keyboards