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Goldenboy - Healing Is A Team Effort
I recently came across a band I cannot leave unnoticed. I lived through the nineties�I know Green Day�s Dookie is a classic�And I secretly like Blink 182 and NOFX a little bit. Do you recognize yourself in the profile above? Then you will definitely like Goldenboy and their second full length Healing Is A Team Effort. You don�t recognize yourself in the profile mentioned above? Stop lying to yourself and everybody else and check this band out!

Goldenboy somehow worked out a formula to make an album filled with nothing but catchy melodies! And even better; it�s all rockin�! I dare you to listen to this record and not move yer feet or nod yer head! (I tried�gave up after three days) They ease it a little with 'Far From Lies' and then rock it out again with 'Ffwd'. Be sure to check out the legendary '9 Seconds And Counting' (guess how long this one takes) and my personal favorite 'There�s Nothing To See Here'. Good harmonized guitars, sweet vocals, good bass playing and thundering drums! BT hits his drums harder then anyone else, as told by a sound engineer that had also done Deftones and Mudvayne.

To me this is one of the better albums of 2007, but it must be said; Goldenboy is a live band. On the road since 2001, these guys have seen the larger part of the US, Denmark, Germany and more recently Holland. They played the Pakhuis live and Waterfront in Rotterdam (with Heideroosjes) and the club 3voor12 in Amsterdam. Nonetheless, the album hasn�t been out of my I-pod since I got it!
Goldenboy - Healing Is A Team Effort
89/1001Details Squash Records
Released on Saturday Oct 20th, 2007
Punk Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 5th, 2007

Tags: #Goldenboy
Tracklisting 1. Separate ways
2. All outta words
3. Opposites distract
4. Pros&cons
5. The end for us
6. There's nothing to see here
7. One more
8. My favorite holiday
9. Suspense of being scared
10.9 seconds and counting
11.Far from lies
13.Make it happen
Line up BT - Drums&percussion
Jolstein - Guitar, synth and vocals
Nils - Bass and vocals
Toke - Lead vocals and guitar