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Auxitt - Your Sakura
Emo�For starters, I�m always having a hard time, keeping emo-boys from emo-girls. Because no matter what�s under those clothes, they all look like Jared Leto. However, musically some good has come out of the emo-corner, some bad as well. Auxitt hangs somewhere in between, just as they hang somewhere in between pop punk and emo. It�s difficult labeling these guys, which makes it a pretty interesting trio.

Auxitt starts their first official CD Your Sakura with catchy and recognizable songs, some simple easy listening pop punk coming out of my speakers here. After two songs, I can even detect screams here and there. What keeps this album going is the variety; especially with songs like 'Standalone Lyric Supremacy' you keep your listeners on their toes. This is where Auxitt�s strength lays, variation. Like I said, it�s hard labeling these guys. Too bad, this can be a weakness as well. Variety is good, but it�s not bad for a band to specialize in some area.

All in all this makes the album pretty flat and sometimes gives you the idea they�re really trying too hard. The wannabe rock-opera title track for instance. Besides all this and the fact that the track titles are annoyingly long, the vocals are pretty depressing at times, as are most emo-vocals. What I do really like is the picture on the front cover, but people won�t buy an album just for that! It won�t hurt you to check this out, but it won�t hurt you if you don�t either. Your call bub�
Auxitt - Your Sakura
65/1001Details Restrain records
Released on Monday Nov 5th, 2007
Emo pop punk

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 5th, 2007

Tags: #Auxitt
Tracklisting 1. These metaphysics
2. Love built on beauty, soon as beauty dies
3. Standalone lyric supremacy
4. The thing with the multipresent location
5. Two common errors and a single sore spot
6. Heart's blood for miles & more
7. Last-ditch attempts are azonic
8. At buyer's request, risk and expense
9. Part II: circulate in liquid footprints
11.Your sakura
Line up Mampu - Bass + main vocals
Stefan - Drums
Andi - Guitar + vocals