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Ignitor - Road Of Bones
IgnitorRoad Of Bones�Sounds scary? Sounds raging?� It is. So is the picture on the back of this demo. 2 gals, 2 dudes and an inbetween dressed up in leather, looking pissed off. Are we experiencing a slight case of we-take-worldofwarcraft-way-too-serious illness? Yes we do! Do we mind? Well, usually not really�because we�re only reviewing music here. The illness however, has surpassed onto the music.

As Model 101 is proving, having female band members can definitely add an extra edge to your music. In their case it�s a guitarist and it works out great. In the case of Ignitor, we�re dealing with a guitarist and a female vocalist, not so great. Now I don�t mind female singers, however in this sort of music, I am sorry to say, women vocals often lack the power needed. This is the case with Ignitor. The rest of the music is fine though! Good guitars, nice easy 80�s metal drumming and bass playing. I�m not too happy with the recordings though, they also make the grand total sound a bit�well�I don�t know�.powerless? I think powerless is the word I�m looking for here, and that definitely does affect the overall performance.

Ignitor is an 80�s heavy metal band, style-wise comparable with bands like Iron Maiden. Quality-wise however, we're talking totally different levels here. The album ends with, what they call, metal hymn 'Reinheitsgebot', which consists of 80�s metal with German female spoken word. In its genre, it�s not extremely bad. But it�s closer to �you�re not missing out on anything� than it is to  �go get this goshdarn album and spin that sh**!�
Ignitor - Road Of Bones
60/1001Details Cruz del sur music
Released on Monday Nov 5th, 2007
80's Metal

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 5th, 2007

Tags: #Ignitor
Tracklisting 1. Death on the road
2. Road of bones
3. Scarlet enigma
4. March to the guillotine
5. Wings of the blackheart
6. Hymn of Erin
7. Phoenix
8. Broken glass
9. Castle in the clouds
10.God of vengeance
Line up Erika - Vocals
Brendon Bigelow - Bass
Annah Moore - Guitar
Pat Doyle - Drums
Stuart Laurence - Guitar