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hagridden - brE-[th]i[ng]
hagridden hails from Cologne, Germany. The band has been around for eleven years already but they only recently released their third EP after three years of silence. The band is now ready to get their name out again with new material, a new line-up and lots of energy. Here is brE-[th]i[ng].Say whaaat?! Well, just don�t try to pronounce it and everything will be alright!
Right from the start the EP kicks in with nice but familiar riffing. The riffing I love so much about metal. So yeah, it may sound a little familiar but that doesn�t mean you should skip this song. Actually, this goes for pretty much the entire EP. It�s not a hundred percent refreshment or something that completely stands out from what you�ve heard before but it�s kick ass metal nevertheless.
What hagridden brings us may be best described as a mixture of death and thrash metal. Concerning the drum section I can�t do anything else but to call it nice. It fits the music and sometimes even tends a tiny little bit towards prog-metal. At least it keeps your attention. Guitar wise this is most definitely the case as well. A lot of short swings make sure you won�t get bored by endless riffing. However, if you pay too much attention to those short swings they might annoy some of you out there (not me though).
Vocal wise the EP is a bit monotonous but as the accompanying music contains enough variety this really isn�t that much of a problem. Besides, there�s really not that much thrash/death vocalists out there that act differently. Also the sound of the EP is very clear, which definitely adds up to the effort as a whole.
In the end it�s fair to say that hagridden is a band with the potential to go places. Don�t go looking for extremely refreshing stuff, you won�t find it here! But it�s definitely a nice portion of metal. Those interested can download the entire EP for free on hagridden�s website. If you don�t feel like listening to the whole EP then try the song �All Blood Runs Red� and/or �Suicide Of Human Lie� as those songs give the best impressions of the qualities of this band. Quality metal for the masses!
hagridden - brE-[th]i[ng]
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Released on Sunday Dec 31st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 5th, 2007

Tags: #hagridden
Tracklisting 1. All Blood Runs Red
2. Bruised But Not Beaten
3. Memorandum Of The Outrage
4. Suicide Of Human Lie
5. The New Age
Line up Jens Schmitz � Vocals
Ingo Valkenburg � Guitar
Jones � Bass
Stefan Hell � Drums