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Raised Fist - Dedication
It's kinda late to review this album, but it's too damn good to deny it. I won this album in a compitition, and had the possibility to choose from some albums on the Burning Heart label. Burning heart is an independant hardcore label from Sweden, where Raised Fist is signed. Raised Fist is an awesome Swedish hardcore band, and as said in the first track 'Get This Right !' on their album, 'It's not about a cool website', which they have, but excists of one image, that's it. Let's get to the point, the review of the album itself. The first track, mentioned before, 'Get This Right !' kicks in pretty good, no intro shit, just get to the point, that's what I like. The Raised Fist hardcore style is nothing like Biohazard or something, but more in the direction of Hatebreed, the more agressive hardcore. 'That's Why' is the second song on the album, and the chorus is pretty catchy, not in a negative way. The way Alle (the vocalist) uses his voice is almost the same on each track, but doesn't get boring or irritating at all, if you get used to his voice, it's pretty special in a good way. The 3rd track that's on this album is 'Message Beneath Contempt', one of the best songs on the album if you'd ask me. Lethal guitar riffs, great screams and drum play and the 2nd guitar comes out really good on this song. 'The People Behind' is a typical anti-war song, performed in a great way. 'Disable Me' is a more emotion loaded song, performed great as well. This review is getting pretty one-sided, but it's kinda hard to review an album which only features great songs. The 6th song on the album is 'Killing Revenues', followed by 'Illustration Of Desperation' the kind of 'release yourself from your cage' type of song. These songs are followed by 'Dedication', a tribute to the Raised Fist fans. 'Silence Is The Key' is a pretty short song, followed by 'Another Day'. After this song there's the last song on the album, 'Between The Demons'. This is the perfect finishing touch, This song features Defleshed vocalist Gustav, who adds great grunts the lyrics of this song are one of the best Raised Fist lyrics in my opinion. Conclusion and advice: BUY! this album is worth every penny you spend on it, and these guys should be well-known and respected. Track Listing: 1 Get This Right! 2 That's Why 3 Message Beneath Contempt 4 The People Behind 5 Disable Me 6 Killing Revenues 7 Illustration Of Desperation 8 Dedication 9 Silence Is The Key 10 Another Day 11 Between The Demons Raised Fist is: Guitar 1 - Marco Guitar 2 - Daniel Drums - Oskar Bass - Josse Vocals - Alle Review by SiC
Raised Fist - Dedication
87/1001Details Burningheart
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Raised Fist
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