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Strength Above All - Draw The Line (demo)
A while ago I first saw Strength Above All in my hometown. This was a pretty cool show. The day after I was in their hometown, visiting another show. There I received this demo EP entitled Draw The Line, from vocalist Marlon. Here we go!
Strength Above All is a very straight forward hardcore (metalcore) band from Roermond. Their sound is very heavy and metalesque. All their songs sound like murdering people with sheer brutality, and I like it! The guitar sound these guys have is among the lowest in hardcore, and the riffs they play with it are very catchy and very brutal. They make you wanna smash faces, especially the breakdowns of course, and there are a lot of those.
The vocals are just as heavy as the music itself, so that moulds together perfectly. A bit sorry is that there�s only one sound coming from Marlon�s throat, but I can live with that. The riffs make up a great deal (because they sound like Slayer and Hatebreed to me!).
Conclusion; I want more of this! Give us a full length with a killer production and you�ll be on stages all over the world in no time if you ask me!
Strength Above All - Draw The Line (demo)
No ScoreDetails DIY
Released on Friday Nov 10th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Nov 10th, 2007

Tags: #Strength Above All
Tracklisting 01. Resurrection
02. Enter My World
03. Draw The Line
04. Bound By Honor
Line up Marlon Thuyns: vocals
Rob Verhoeven: guitar/vocals
Roel de Bock: guitar
Christian Horst: drums
Nic Swelsen: bass/vocals