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Cortez - Thunder In A Forgotten Town
Cortez is a stoner rock �n� roll band, and if that doesn�t sound appealing to you, you probably shave your balls and your face on a regular basis. This is made for MEN! Men who like to live hard and dirty. Men who party with amounts of beer that would make you automatically apply for the AA. Fuck that, let�s do some Thunder In A Forgotten Town.
The riffs Cortez play are heavy, fuzzy and rocking like thunder indeed. The volume that blows out of my speakers immediately creates a big grin on my face. At times like these I wish I had a beard the size of all ZZ Top�s beards combined. That�d be awesome! This sounds like drinking, headbanging, bong-hitting and dismantling bars man!
The more I play this album, the more I like it to be honest. The firs time I played it I immediately liked the music, but I wasn�t impressed by the vocals, which are kind of, well, high. Like in traditional vocals. They miss the rough edge that the rest of the instruments exploit to the max. And they�re a little off-tone here and there. But the more I play the record, the less I notice that resulting in less and less irritation about this fact.
If I play it now, for the first twenty seconds it sounds like I just popped in another awesome Southern Lord release. So nothing wrong with the production you can safely conclude. It�s just the vocals that still need some improvement. For now I can advise this to any fan of stuff like Alabama Thunderpussy and other stoner rock �n� roll music. Smoke �n� drink!!!
Cortez - Thunder In A Forgotten Town
72/1001Details Buzzville Records
Released on Monday Nov 19th, 2007
Stoner Rock 'n' Roll

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Nov 10th, 2007

Tags: #Cortez
Tracklisting 1. The High Life
2. What Have You Done?
3. The Ocean
4. Lost Control
5. Stone The Bastards
6. Floodwater Rising
Line up Vocals: Curtis
Guitar: Scott
Guitar: Tony
Bass: Jay
Drums: Jeremy