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Auger Bane - On Wings Of Fallen Rock
Having gone through numerous line-up changes ever since its birth in 2005, British rock band Auger Bane has experienced quite some trouble along the way. Still, the remaining members never gave up playing their raw-edged rock songs. Early this year Brazilian bassist Max Torres joined the band and guitarist Shane Carpenter left not long after. The band decided to keep continuing as a four-piece, having reached a new musical and personal tightness. And now they�re here with their debut album, On Wings Of Fallen Rock.
Wolf On The River� is the third song on this album and immediately the one that exposes pretty much everything that this band can offer you at its best. Solid, raw-edged rock vocals, some solid rock riffing and guitar solos. It�s quite complete, yet it still sounds very simplistic � in a positive way � which definitely contributes to the listening comfort. There�s not too much thinking and concentration involved in listening to these songs and every now and then that�s something I quite enjoy.
But if you want to check out this band, make sure you won�t judge them by one song alone, �cause when you don�t like the abovementioned song you might as well be nodding along with tracks like the slow �Furious Woman� or the long, passionate and ballad-like �The Long Walk� and �On Wings Of Fallen Rock�.
After these songs, the album doesn�t get much better. This doesn�t mean it gets worse either, but it�s just down to not-too-spectacular stoner rock music, which is still very much in the vein of the preceding songs, though. One more song, called �Black Eyes & Burdens�, does distinguish itself a bit from the others with a more catchy tune to it, but again nothing you haven�t heard before.
And to be honest; this goes for the entire album. It�s not spectacular or refreshing. But then again, like I said earlier, sometimes that�s not what you should expect. If you just want to lay back with some nice, relaxing stoner rock songs you should definitely consider checking out Auger Bane, roll a joint and fly away on the wings of fallen rock. Have a nice flight!  
Auger Bane - On Wings Of Fallen Rock
70/1001Details Negative Earth
Released on Wednesday Nov 7th, 2007
Stoner Rock

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 12th, 2007

Tags: #Auger Bane
Tracklisting 01. Dragonfly
02. Black Wine
03. Wolf On The River
04. Furious Woman
05. Keep Us Strong
06. The Long Walk
07. Thuggernaut
08. House Of The Scorpion
09. Skynful
10. Black Eyes & Burdens
11. On Wings Of Fallen Rock
Line up Dan Halen � Vocals
Beazle � Lead Guitar
Max � Bass
Chris � Drums