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Asrai - Sour Ground (single)
As of yesterday (November 12th) people are able to buy the new full-length album of Goth rock/metal band Asrai. And with a new album comes a new single, right? So here it is! Let�s find out if the album will be worth some spins.
What I find rather interesting is that this band already started out in 1985. So with their roots in both the punk and the wave scene this must be quite a unique thing I figured. With this in mind I prepared myself for my very first encounter with Asrai.
Well, well�what to think of this? I guess I just didn�t really expect this. Besides the fact this music is not at all symphonic � as I somehow expected � it also lacks the real power I seek in a band. I don�t mean it�s all that bad, it�s just so damn radio-friendly. A bit more power wouldn�t have hurt anyone. Not even the radio airtime for that matter.
Okay, I admit that there�s definitely something in this music. For example, the very beginning of the dramatic song �Your Hands So Cold�, which at least contains some metallic influences, but the overall result just lacks a bit of power. It�s all nice melodic work with the obvious wave influences still present, but for me this just isn�t enough. I kinda feel like I miss certain things.
Fans of the band will probably easily be pleased with the new Asrai single and album, I think I�ll leave it a this reviewing process. This wave goth rock contains some strong melodies but misses the power to convince. It�s up to you whether or not to check out the recently released full-length Pearls In Dirt.  
Asrai - Sour Ground (single)
No ScoreDetails Season of Mist
Released on Monday Nov 5th, 2007
Wave Goth Rock

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007

Tags: #Asrai
Tracklisting 1. Sour Ground
2. Your Hands So Cold
Line up Margriet � Vocals
Martin � Bass
Manon � Synth, Violin
Rik � Guitar
Karin � Drums