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Infernal Revulsion - Devastate Under Hallucination
Yay! I really like freaked out Japanese death metal, and when I saw this band in the review queue, I felt I had to do this one. Infernal Revulsion they are called, and they are 5 freaked out Japanese guys making �not-groundbreaking-but-easy-to-devour� death metal. The album is called Devastate Under Hallucination.  
I believe that every band from a small death metal country sounds the same. This is with Brazilian, Colombian and also Japanese bands. Infernal Revulsion is no exception on the matter. They have something in common with Vomit Remnants and Infected Malignity, which are both Japanese as well. The only other band that crosses lines with Infernal Revulsion is not Japanese at all but American, and that band is Suffocation.
Well, the music is very nice and the production is kick ass too, but after 5 songs it starts to get boring. Every riff tends to sound exactly the same, and that really is a buzz-killer, especially with technical death metal. What I do believe though, is that they must sound absolutely kick ass when playing live.
There is my conclusion. This record sounds very nice, but I really have the feeling I�m listening to a continuously repeating track which really does not sound bad, but does start to get tedious. This is definitely not an album that I will play frequently, but I don�t despise it either.  
Infernal Revulsion - Devastate Under Hallucination
75/1001Details Goregiastic Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 10th, 2007
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007

Tags: #Infernal Revulsion
Tracklisting 1: Leviathan
2: Deep Down Human Being
3: Killing Cycle
4: Chain Of Blunder
5: Trapped In Concrete, Seek Insanity
6: Lock To Rot
7: Seventh Curse
8: Endangered Human Species
Line up Vocals - Hideath
Guitar - Naga
Guitar - Mass-T
Bass - Batch
Drums - Masa