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Meliah Rage - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
I am not supposed to say this, but hell I�m still going to! I did this record because there was absolutely nobody who wanted to review this record. I will tell you the exact reason I also waited a long time before deciding to do this. I am familiar with this band, but only by accident. I bought an album of them, called Death Valley Dream, ages ago, in a store that sold second hand CDs and vinyls. I bought it because it was cheap and when I listened to it quickly it didn�t sound bad either. When I got home I started to read the booklet, which made me think this band�s theme was all about religion. I�m not your average Satanism freak, but I really do hate Christianity and everything they brought into this world, by means of slavery and suppression. Well, I don�t know if this band is religious or not, I don�t care. Their album I�m going to review is called The Deep And Dreamless Sleep.  
So to conclude a long story, I felt I had to be of no prejudice before reviewing this record. I cannot say I don�t like it because I do not agree with their lyrics, but for all I know, I misinterpret those lyrics. In fact, the music (and not the lyrics�) isn�t that bad to listen to, except that it is totally standard crossbreed between old school heavy metal and speed metal, but hey, even that isn�t the bad thing.
The bad thing is that the vocals do sound extremely awful and that is what bothers me. The guitar and drum combination is cheesy and will do well for a big crowd in an arena or something. I did read a review of this album on the metal encyclopedia, and I recommend that people who really want to know more about this album should read that one. I don�t know who wrote that, but he (or she) is saying exactly what I think.
Anyways, I think I�m not the right person to judge about this album, but it still seems I will have to, so I�m going to do so! I think it is an average attempt to create something totally brilliant and let the media carry it to the top of the sky� Well, I think it�s average and not more than that.  
Meliah Rage - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
69/1001Details Screaming Ferret Records
Released on Sunday Jul 1st, 2007
Speed/Thrash Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007

Tags: #Meliah Rage
Tracklisting 1: Permanently Damaged
2: God And Man
3: Undefeated
4: The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
5: Twisted Wreck
6: Curse
7: Last Of The Wanted
8: Take What You Want
Line up Vocals - Paul Souza
Guitar - Anthony Nichols
Guitar - Jim Koury
Bass - Jesse Johnson
Drums - Dave Barcos