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Colosseum - Chapter 1: Delirium

After releasing five full-length CDs under the name Yearning it was time for something else, according to Juhani Palom�ki. Juhani wanted to create something extremely dark and powerful, some extremely slow and heavy material. The idea of Colosseum was born in 2006 and from the beginning of this project Juhani wanted to achieve a mixture of the darkest kind of funeral doom metal with influences from both dark ambient and orchestral works. The idea was to mix the rich and colourful chord progressions of classical music, the soundscapes of ambient and the total darkness and heaviness of extreme doom metal.

After releasing two demos, finding band mates - which all shared a strong commitment towards dark art and a long background in underground metal � and accepting an offer of Firedoom Records it was time for releasing Chapter I: Delirium. Let�s see if Juhani has created the kind of music he wanted to create� �The Gate Of Adar� starts of with very slow instrumental soundscapes and when the song evolves the music only gets heavier and heavier and the deep growl of Juhani really sets the mood. You�ll be dragged into a world of complete darkness for almost 64 minutes while listening to this album.

You don�t want to hear Colosseum�s music when you�ve already got a winter depression, because it only will become worse after hearing this. �Corridors Of Desolation� for example really creates an atmosphere of loneliness and desolation by its dark orchestral parts, the slow beating drums and the depressing grunts. At the end of �Weathered� there are some faster guitar riffs, but that isn�t a herald for some faster work. The next track - �Saturnine Vastness� - has almost got more doom aspects in it than the previous songs. �Aesthetics Of The Grotesque� starts with some acoustic guitar playing and a threatening keyboard part before the drums and vocals kick in. This one develops very dramatically with a nice guitar solo in the middle of the track and furthermore the same ingredients as the other compositions. 

With the most aggressive song as last track of the album this music holds your attention for the whole 64 minutes. The atmosphere and music that Juhani wanted to achieve worked out really well and when you�re into this kind of slow funeral doom metal you should definitely check this one out.

Colosseum - Chapter 1: Delirium
83/1001Details Firedoom / Firebox Records
Released on Monday Nov 19th, 2007
Funeral Doom

Writer @Gilles on Friday Nov 16th, 2007

Tags: #Colosseum
Tracklisting 1. The Gate Of Adar
2. Corridors Of Desolation
3. Weathered
4. Saturnine Wastress
5. Aesthetic Of The Grotesque
6. Delirium
Line up Juhani Palom�ki - Vocals, Guitar
Olli Haaranen - Guitar
Janne R�m� - Bass
Sameli K�ykk� - Drums