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Houston Swing Engine - Entre Hommes
I like Swiss cheese, I like Swiss watches and for some reason I like Martina Hingis. I got real curious when I saw the cool name these Swiss guys made up, I signed up for reviewing Entre Hommes by Houston Swing Engine and boy�did that turned out to be good choice! There is absolutely nothing neutral about this album! I�m talking some fantastic rock music here!!

Entre Hommes kick it off with the crazy-driven �My Velvet Hostage�. Man, does this song rock!! It sets the tone for the rest of this great album! The drums drive this album, the guitars are great and the bass really adds a lot to the sound of Houston Swing Engine, but the vocals really compliment the rest! Good shouts and also great lines come out of Odin�s voice! With some nice basic rock production, catchy rock songs and changes in tempo Houston Swing Engine brings us one of the best rock albums coming outta Europe this year.

Like stated above; this is a fantastic rock album. If, like me, you like good rock songs, bands like Nirvana, Peter Pan Speedrock, older QOTSA and Fu Manchu, you will do good getting this thing straight away! With this album Martina Hingis can leave the coke where it is and get psyched anyways!
Houston Swing Engine - Entre Hommes
94/1001Details Headstrong Records
Released on Saturday Nov 17th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Saturday Nov 17th, 2007

Tags: #Houston Swing Engine
Tracklisting 01. My velvet hostage
02. Transitional state of joy
03. New wave hookers
04. Murder, murder
05. Kiss it goodbye
06. Entre hommer
07. Sleazy division (foreplay)
08. Sleazy division (Petite mort)
09. Sleazy division (The charge)
10. Chessmate, fucker!
11. When I come all over you
12. Odin
13. Everything fades (in filthy hearts
14. Mata a tots els hostages
Line up Kiki - drums
Laurent - bass
Odin - vocals
Fran�ois � guitars