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Bloodlights - Bloodlights
In 2005 rock band Gluecifer fell apart. Captain Poon (now there�s a funny-ass name, learn from this Hell �n Diesel members!) appearently lacked another hobby and formed Bloodlights. He formed a band, teamed up with former Monster Magnet guitarist Phil Caivano for production, found someone mixing the whole thing in Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, Metallica and AC/DC) and what do you get? You get a great, professional album listenable for anyone who likes rock music.

Bloodlights� self-titled debut album is filled with catchy melodies and just plain ol� good music! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this album, it�s rockin�, it�s catchy it�s a band that�s here to stay. Especially the vocal lines are great on this album, Captain Poon knows his stuff for sure! The band name track (?) immediately made me think off QOTSA�s �Little Sister�, but it�s not a copy for sure! The easier �Screwing Yourself� is beautiful and doesn�t slow the album down, but it just adds another side of this band.

I can�t say it will make the all time hall of fame, but it�s a definite keeper! I strongly advice people to check this album out, or check them out live, because they�re touring the shit of Europe. Except for Holland somehow, any bookers out there picking their noses or what?
Bloodlights - Bloodlights
90/1001Details Mate in Germany
Released on Friday Nov 16th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Nov 18th, 2007

Tags: #Bloodlights
Tracklisting 01. Where the stars don�t shine
02. Bloodlights
03. Addiction
04. Bullshit on your mind
05. One eye open
06. Hammer on the wheel
07. Rain on a sunny day
08. Screwing yourself
09. Easy target
10. Against the flow
11. Bald and outrageous
12. Over when I�m done
Line up Captain Poon � Vocals, Guitar
Howie B � Guitar
Ron Elly � Bass
Nico - Drums