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Ancient Creation - Evolution Bound
On my doormat I found a CD sleeve with a couple o� pyramids, a skeleton and a burning sky on the front cover. Is it the new Prince of Persia? Is it the DVD of �The Mummy� 507? NO! It�s the new Ancient Creation album called Evolution Bound! The bio that came along was raving about complexity of the music and, I quote, �outlandish sounds from different niches of world music�. Well, was I a happy camper when I flipped this one into laptop for a listen? Well was I�?

Heeeeeeellllll NO! These guys get me all psyched up and promise me difficult rhythms and weird ass sounds and stuff�What do I get? Something that has been done a 1.000 times before, and something that has been done a 1.000 times better. No weird sounds! No 9/8th or 6/4th rhythms let alone a combination of the two!

These guys really know what to do with their instruments. Really I mean that! The drummer is absolutely great! The guitarists are on a level I will probably never be! (The vocals are bullcrap though) Then why oh why isn�t this a good album? I honest to God don�t know. There is a whole lot of potential in this band, but they just stick to pretty boring riffs and all the solos are the same!

These guys really, REALLY need to sit down with one another and have a chat to see where the problem is, so maybe they can make a decent album next time�with some more exciting vocals please!?
Ancient Creation - Evolution Bound
58/1001Details Melissa records
Released on Wednesday Nov 21st, 2007
US Metal

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Nov 18th, 2007

Tags: #Ancient Creation
Tracklisting 01. The brotherhood
02. Taste of mortality
03. Carion the horde
04. Bringer of evil
05. Spirit of darkness
06. Heritage
07. Lost angels
08. Sphere
09. Evolution bound
Line up Vocals � Steve Bentley
Guitar � Peter Nisenkier
Guitar � Jason Johnson
Bass � Andy Critz
Drums � Mike Burns