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ISOR - Post Mortem Peep Show
British duo ISOR formed as a three piece in 1999. They already recorded 3 EPs, with the last one, [i]Naughty to Sixty in Twenty Seven Feet[/i] getting interest online and from the music business. In 2003 the band had a change in lineup, resulting in the duo of Dave Merricks (vocals, guitar) and Nick Hemingway (Drums). Personally I would describe the music on [i]Post Mortem Peep Show[/i] as a crossbreed of Dillinger Escape Plan, a little Mastodon and some nods to Pantera and other bands. Something that makes this band stand out is the fact that they succesfully achieve to write chaotic songs that go all over the place, throw in some darn fine riffs, and pieces of melody as well. A good typical ISOR track is 'Perfecting The Vegan Death Grip', which starts of with a nice acoustic intro that wouldnt do bad on a new hit ballad. Fortunatly it errupts into frantic riffs and vocals, quickly changing into an atmospheric part. In the end we find a fast riff that wouldnt be out of place on an Arch Enemy cd, for example. And this is just one song. I am not going to analyse every track, because the guys really have a hand in suprising the listener with full stops, crushing riffs and atmospheric parts. Playing this style of music has it up and downsides. You can practically play anything you want musically, but the timechanges and sometimes chaotic structures arent just for anyone. And I have to admit that ISOR manages to write these "weird" songs that manage to keep your attention all the way trough. Maybe its the fact that the guys spice things up with a little acoustic guitar here and there, slower passages, and some melody as well. It definitly keeps the cd entertaining throughout. If it was a full-force, no holds barreled attack from start to end, it would clearly just get boring after a few tracks. In the end, ISOR manages to put out an impressive full-lenght cd which clearly shows that this british duo has the same qualities as other top metal- and mathcore bands out there. They might get shoved into the same corner as the (math/metalcore) bands mentioned above, but im sure that ISOR's style of music will evolve into something that is truly their own. Lineup: Guitar, Vocals: Dave S. Merricks Drums, Back. Vocals:: Nick Hemingway
ISOR - Post Mortem Peep Show
84/1001Details Casket Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #ISOR
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