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Crime In Stereo - Crime In Stereo Is Dead

In contrast to the name of the album Crime In Stereo is very alive and kicking! The guys from Crime In Stereo did have a rough period with the band, but they are now back with their third full-length. �It was a strange year�, according to songwriter and guitarist Alex Dunne, while looking back to the year between their 2006 release of The Troubled Stateside and the beginning of recording Crime In Stereo Is Dead. After a non-stop touring period of almost 3 years in support of their first two albums the band felt disconnected with their label. Besides that, the home life situations of some members changed in a strange and unpredictable way so it looked like Crime In Stereo seriously was dead. 

After a couple of months Dunne and drummer Scotty Giffin began spending time back in Dunne�s basement working on songs, while vocalist Kristian Hallbert was taking vocal training. At this point Bridge Nine Records entered the story for a very likely partnership. When the other band members heard how Kristian was singing they knew right away they had to make this album and I�m glad they did! The music these guys play is hard to describe� They call themselves hardcore kids, but this isn�t just another hardcore album. Their music is a mixture of melodic hardcore with some punk rock and with a singer with a diverse voice. 

The album starts with a drum intro and after some catchy guitar riffs Kristian starts to sing. When I first heard their music on their MySpace I wasn�t sure yet, but after listening to the entire record I knew for sure that I loved his voice! Screaming, shouting and singing clean; nothing seems to be a problem. Besides the vocals, Crime In Stereo offers you some catchy guitar playing, tight bass playing and a hard hitting drummer. The songs on the album are explosive and full of energy and on the other hand melodic and refreshing. 

I don�t think that every hardcore kid will like this record. Crime In Stereo has put some new things like melody and accessibility in hardcore music and threw some other things like breakdowns etc. away to create a new kind of hardcore. If you�re a bit open-minded you should definitely give it a shot. In my opinion Crime In Stereo isn�t dead at all, long live Crime In Stereo!

Crime In Stereo - Crime In Stereo Is Dead
92/1001Details Bridge Nine Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2007
Alternative Hardcore Punk

Writer @Gilles on Sunday Nov 18th, 2007

Tags: #Crime In Stereo
Tracklisting 1. XXXX (The First 1000 Years Of Solitude)
2. Third Atlantic
3. ...But You Are Vast
4. Animal Pharm
5. Small Skeletal
6. Unfortunate Tourists
7. Nixon
8. Vicious Teeth
9. Almost Gostless / Above The Gathering Oceans
10. Orbiter
11. Choker
Line up Alex - Guitar
Kristian - Vocals
Mike - Bass
Scotty - Drums
Gary - Guitar