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Rene SG - Rene SG2
What is there to say about an album that lasts for 10:46 and consists of 15 songs? That the songs average is below a minute? That it�s unfair to charge people for it? Well�Let�s just judge the songs on the thing then�.here we go:

Rene SG is speedrock with a capitol S! Rene and his buddies ram through on this ten minutes lasting epic. I�m a huge fan of the Descendents album Everything Sucks, but this is just too little as far as I�m concerned. It�s a tad too short for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the music itself though! It�s just that charging people for 15 songs that take 10 minutes in total is a fucking crime if you ask me.

All songs do have, either fuck, hell or bitch in the title except for the (football-tainted?) stadium song 'Let�s Go Ajax'. Now there�s a nice feature! The title usually is all of the lyrics as well so don�t go searching for hidden wisdom or messages here. Just push �play� and have the violence come from yo� speakerboxxx! Or better yet, check �em out live, because I think the energy is gonna blow you away!
Rene SG - Rene SG2
60/1001Details Langweiligkeit - Sonic Rendezvous
Released on Sunday Nov 18th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Nov 18th, 2007

Tags: #Rene SG
Tracklisting 01. Evil bitch
02. Snowballs chance in hell
03. Piece of shit
04. Fuck off
05. Let�s go Ajax
06. OK
07. Fucking shit
08. Fuck it
09. Hell in a handbasket
10. Hell � bent for leather
11. Yeah right
12. Fuck this shit
13. Fucked up shit
14. Hellride
15. Hellbuggy
Line up Rene � Vocals, Gibson SG and Gibson Les Paul
RJ SG � Drums
Niels - Bass