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Mantram - Silent Steps Outside
Between all cardboard packages with copied CDs I received an actual CD case, with a cool sleeve and even cooler design on the CD! Since I had to find out more about this band, I checked their non-funcional website and extremely comedic MySpace page, but more about that later. Music�

is the kind of band that isn�t exceptionally good, nor is extremely bad. Just like the guys in this band are hanging in between male or female, their band hangs in between decent music and absolute crap. All songs on Silent Steps Outside are pretty similar actually, with no highs or extreme lows. This mediocrity gets really irritating after hearing this album for the third and fourth time. Also the production and mix of the album is done by equivalents of the Teletubbies.

Now about the MySpace�Dear readers, please check out this site and check the photos. Don�t mind the hotness of Laura, because she�s a fox. But check out the naughty look in those boys� eyes. If Mantram�s musical career fails, these kids can always pose for the next Zeeman ads.
Mantram - Silent Steps Outside
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Released on Monday Nov 19th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 19th, 2007

Tags: #Mantram
Tracklisting 01. The Torture
02. Help Me
03. Spitting Blood
04. Stubborn Society
05. A Day Like The Others
06. Wintershadows
07. God = Fate
08. My Damnation
09. Game Over
10. Irrational Anger
11. Kill Me
12. Out!
13. Broken Keys
Line up Daniele Russo - vocals, guitar
Giovanni Lipford � guitar
Mario Fratocchi � bass
Laura Colarieti - drums