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Pain Principle - Waiting For The Flies
Alright, here it is again. Another record that has this bio telling me this music is so rugged and heavy it could be scraped from the vilest pits of hell, sticking their head out in an industry filled with overnight sensations and one-hit-wonders. Will this be any different then?
Pain Principle is the name, and they claim to have Death and Pantera as main influences together with classic rock/metal structures. There goes originality. The band started out in 1993 and has released a couple of demos in the meantime. This is their debut full length Waiting For The Flies and after listening to it several times you come to the conclusion that this doesn�t add anything to the whole genre in any way whatsoever. Woopy!
The one thing that makes this record a nice listen is the fine production job, executed by Hate Eternal guitarist Eric Rutan. It doesn�t bother to listen to it, but instead of being a one-trick band or something they�re a borrowed-trick-from-another-band band, follow that? Groovy melodic death metalcore for the masses that would have made quite an impression ten years ago. Who still cares?
If this is your cup of tea for music (which means you must at least have a Dimebag RIP tattoo and a fine collection of jeans with holes in them) you might wanna consider checking this out. If you don�t want to hear what you already know again, leave it for what it is.
Pain Principle - Waiting For The Flies
60/1001Details Blind Prophecy Records
Released on Monday Oct 22nd, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 19th, 2007

Tags: #Pain Principle
Tracklisting 01. The Death Of Johnny Beans
02. Body Farm
03. Martyr System
04. What's Left Of It (The Feast Of Rats)
05. And Now, A Word From The Living
06. Behind The Broken
07. All But The Dying
08. In Dim Light
09. What The Dead Whisper
10. Waiting For The Flies
Line up Kevin "Bull" Bullock - vocals
John Sutton - Guitar
Mike Mazzonetto - drums
Gregg Roberts - bass