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Tyrant - Reclaim The Flame
Many years ago, when I was either not even born or still a very small creature, some dark-hearted people invented black metal. It was raw, unpolished and ugly, for some good reasons to leave it untouched nowadays. As some bands still handle a DIY-attitude towards creating these seemingly unfinished yet genuine albums. I for one am not a great fan of such an unpolished sound but if you are, do check out Tyrant! It�ll give you an orgasm!
As mentioned earlier, the sound on this disc seems quite unfinished. Now that may be the whole purpose of releasing this album, but I just can�t entirely follow most songs on the album. Sometimes it�s just too much of a noise to really filter out what�s going on. Believe me, I�ve heard crappy productions before, but in this case a little bit of a better production would still have left plenty of ugliness to enjoy.
Most songs already contain quite a high tempo, but when �Hell Has Broken Loose� kicks in you�ll immediately understand the title of this song. Holy crap! What a tempo, what a power and what a massive wall of black rock �n� roll! It probably won�t surprise you if I tell you that the song only lasts for a minute and a half.
The combination of black metal and rock �n� roll is a very nice one though! The overall sound seems to lend more on the rock �n� roll side which causes the high tempos and raw-edged vocals. The black metal causes the somewhat more darker passages, although they�re not really abundant. What mainly creates the perfect combination of the two styles is the guitar. For some reason it seems to be capable of playing rock �n� roll while at the same creating the darker, more metallic side of the music.
Well I guess I�m an ignorant person for not liking the production of this album that much. So be it! I�ve been called a nu-metal kid before (also by black metallers) so I don�t care about that any more. I think Tyrant did a nice job on creating an original kind of music that unfortunately for me lacks a good (or at least a bit of a smoother) production. People who like their music ugly, check this one out!
Tyrant - Reclaim The Flame
65/1001Details Listenable Records
Released on Wednesday Oct 17th, 2007
Black Rock 'n' Roll

Writer @Boek on Thursday Nov 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Tyrant
Tracklisting 01. The Rebirth�(Reclaim The Flame)
02. Remain Enslaved
03. Uprise
04. Hell Has Broken Loose
05. Restart With The Number 6.6.6.
06. Armageddon Is Here
07. Tyrant
08. Broken Spine
09. Tunes Of Hate
10. Harvest Hunger
Line up D.F. Bragman � Vocals
P. Bj�rg� � Guitar
A. Jonsson � Drums
D. Ekeroth � Bass