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108 - A New Beat From A Dead Heart
108 is the natural number following 107 and preceding 109.
Right. 108 is also a band of angry dudes from New York. And it�s the number of beads on a Hare Krishna necklace that is used for praying. Hence the genre is revealed: Krishnacore. A New Beat From a Dead Heart is their new full-length release.
All in all there�s nothing really eyebrow raising going on here. It�s your everyday hardcore cd. The difference is made when checking out the provocative songtitles and matching lyrics. �Bibles+Guns=American Dream�. Ah! Michael Moore eat your arse out.
Supposedly 108 writes their songs from a Krishna point of view. I for one should be the last person on earth to judge the validity of their lyrical content. It�s basically for bald people with beads.
So no score from me here. Just see this �review� as an announcement that a new Krishnacore album is in stores. People who dig this stuff will own it already. 
108 - A New Beat From A Dead Heart
No ScoreDetails Deathwish inc
Released on Friday Nov 23rd, 2007

Writer @Lex on Friday Nov 23rd, 2007

Tags: #108
Tracklisting 1. Declarations On A Grave
2. Guilt
3. Angel Strike Man
4. Three Hundred Liars
5. Resurrect To Destroy
6. Martyr Complex
7. The Sad Truth
8. My Redemption Song
9. Bibles + Guns = The American Dream?
10. (il)logical End
11. We Walk Though Walls
12. Our Kind
13. Repeat
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