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Volkmar - Overture Macabre
Now I know it�s extremely clich� that official band bios always convince people of listening to this �extremely awesome album� or something like that, but this bio still caught my attention with dark texts such as �Our music is the vessel across the river Styx. Let us be your guide and step into the 9 circles of Hell�enjoy the ride!!!� Well that definitely raised curiosity (whether positive or negative isn�t important here, yet). Well, I can definitely dig some dark-hearted music every now and then so off I went, across the river Styx�or not?!
Well, to be honest I don�t think I ever came across. I think I fell of the vessel and drowned. In sadness. And I still wonder what I have done wrong? Why oh why did I have to review this disc? Electronic wave goth metal these guys play. Well I�d say they play uninspired, extremely boring programmed crap.
There are only 5 songs on this demo and yet I have the feeling I�ve listened to it for hours! And no, that�s not a good sign! Not at all! Imagine a bad version of Satyricon meats Nine Inch Nails meets Type O Negative. And be sure not to be distracted by these great names! Now, if you would excuse me I go back to my bed to cry a little more. WHY OH WHY? WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?!
Nope I�m sorry Volkmar, this music doesn�t turn me on at all! Not even for one second!
Volkmar - Overture Macabre
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Thursday Nov 1st, 2007
Industrial Goth

Writer @Boek on Sunday Nov 25th, 2007

Tags: #Volkmar
Tracklisting 1. Eyes Sewn Shut
2. Walk With Me
3. Journey Below
4. White Heaven
5. Uneasiness Of The Mind
Line up Dore� � Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Ishtar � Synth, Programming
John - Bass