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Exit 13 - High Life!

Exit 13 is an experimental grindcore/rock/metal band which featured one of the founders of Relapse Records; Bill Yurkiewicz, on vocals. Furthermore there was Richard Hoak (from Brutal Truth and Total Fucking Destruction) on drums and Dan Lilker (from too many bands to mention, amongst others Anthrax, SoD, Brutal Truth and Nuclear Assault) on bass. Quite a cult band indeed, but broken up quite some time already. Now they release this 2-disc compilation of some of their finest and most obscure work.

High Life! displays what Exit 13 is all about. Weird ass stoner music all the way (like the cover didn�t give that away). Grindcore, sludge, blues, rock, industrial, basically a noisy band that will piss off your parents because they don�t understand it. Almost all their releases are on these two discs, so for the collectors this is truly heaven.

The fact is that Exit 13 is not your average good band. It�s more like a fun project by a bunch of stoners, and that�s what is sounds like when you listen to it. It doesn�t bother me to listen to it, I occasionally have to laugh even (especially due to the idiotic samples on it), but there is nothing really impressing on these two discs. Just good clean fun metal music, with an emphasis on the stoners among us. Glad I�m one of those!

Exit 13 - High Life!
No ScoreDetails Relapse
Released on Tuesday Oct 30th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Nov 25th, 2007

Tags: #Exit 13
Tracklisting Disc 1
1. Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation
2. Ethos Musick
3. Facilitate The Emancipation of Your Mummified Mentality
4. Diet For a New America
5. Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum
6. Reevaluate Life!
7. Legalize Hemp NOW!
8. Open Season
9. My Mind's Mine!
10. Earth First
11. Only Protest Gives a Hope for Life
12. Disemboweling Party
13. Legalize Hemp NOW!
14. A Man and his Lawnmower
15. Oral Fixation
16. Constant Persistence of Annoyance
17. Wake Up and Change!

Disc 2
1. Gout D'Belgium
2. Black Weakeners
3. Hopped Up (by the Demon Humulus Lupulus)
4. Storm of Stress
5. Spare the Wrench, Surrender the Earth
6. Only Hypocrisy Prohibits Legality
7. Only Protest Gives a Hope for Life
8. Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation
9. My Mind's Mine!
10. Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum
11. Reevaluate Life!
12. Gaia
13. Unintended Lyrical Befuddlement
14. An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish
15. Where's EXIT-13?
16. Ecotopian Visions
17. Constant Persistence of Annoyance
18. Inbreeding Populations
19. Self Misunderstood Cerebral Masturbation
20. The Funk Song
21. Get High on Life
22. Disemboweling Party
23. Shattnerspackle
24. Terminal Habitation
25. Fingernails
26. Conclusions on Various Religious Frauds
27. Political Dismay
28. Impaled
29. Disemboweling Party
Line up Bill Yurkiewicz - Vocals
Bliss Blood - Vocals
Steve O'Donnell - Guitars
Dan Lilker - Bass, piano, vocals
Richard Hoak - Drums, piano, vocals