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Seven Witches - Deadly Sins
Heavy power metal band Seven Witches had a lot of line-up changes since their start in 1998. The only constant factor in this band is Jack Frost, former member of Savatage and founder of the band. Current Singer Alan Tecchio (ex-Hades) is the fourth singer so far. Fromer bassplayer Joey Vera (Armored Saint/Fates Warning) has mixed the album. Deadly Sins is their seventh album in a row, releasing almost one CD a year.
Before I received this album, I already heard title track song �Deadly Sins�. I liked the song, but it made me wonder about the rest of the album. The song sounded really polished and keened out. Would the other songs differ from this one? Well, I can tell you that the first time I heard this album from the beginning till the end, I had the feeling I heard one complete song. When I listened to it again, it went kind of the same way.
I wouldn�t call this a negative point right away. It also means that all the songs fit to each other and that the album is a whole. It just isn�t as diverse as I hoped the album would be. Jack Frost works with a sort of formula which seems to work. Another thing I experienced while listening to this album were days in which melodies from this album kept going on and on in my head when I stopped listening. There are definitely catchy melodies on this CD.
If I would call this album unchallenging I would overlook all the excellent guitar work which has been done on this album. Shredding and all the other techniques that require guitar skills from a high level are present on this album. Of course this was to be expected when looking at the previous album, but still it�s a remarkable feature of this album. It just doesn�t mean it hasn�t been done before.
My favourite songs are �Deadly Sins�, �Wealth� and �Politics�. I thought it was kind of funny Tecchio wrote a song (�Sunnydale High�) about Buffy The Vampire Slayer on the previous album Amped. Unfortunately, on this album I couldn�t discover anything similar.
This album fits perfectly into the old school heavy metal concept. For fans of this genre (Judas Priest, Primal Fear, Annihilator) I would recommend this album, but for people who don�t want to have anything to do with high vocals and guitar solos I would say: skip this one.
Seven Witches - Deadly Sins
65/1001Details Locomotive Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 20th, 2007
Heavy Metal

Writer @Lukie on Monday Nov 26th, 2007

Tags: #Seven Witches
Tracklisting 01. Deadly Sins
02. Science
03. Commerce
04. Worship
05. Knowledge
06. Pleasure
07. Wealth
08. Man Of The Millennium
09. Politics
10. The Answer
Line up Alan Tecchio: Vocals
Jack Frost: Guitar
Kevin Bolembach: Bass
Jeff Currenton: Drums