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Thirdmoon - Dimorphic Cynosure

Almost four years after the release of their previous album, Thirdmoon is back with Dimorphic Cynosure. Ten years after releasing their debut record this five-piece band from Austria and France isn�t ready to retire yet, instead they say they are hungrier than ever. This sounds a bit clich� from the band around Wolfgang Rothbauer (In Summer, Eisblut), but I think it�s true. The band sounds fresh and aggressive. 

Thirdmoon�s sound on their latest record is brutal, aggressive, but also melodic and at some points even acoustic! The melodic death metal of these guys has a lot of groove and catchy melodies in it. The opener �Slave� starts calm, but it immediately creates the right mood for listening to the rest of the track and the other songs. When suddenly the dark vocals of Rothbauer kick in with a heavy guitar riff it reminds me a bit of the voice of Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth. Besides the voice of Rothbauer the guitars also are a crucial part in the music. A song like �Character Of Scars� � which can be listened to on the MySpace of the band � is a good example for illustrating this. The song has got different solos in it and the outro isn�t really your regular present-day kind of guitar riff. 

Besides devastating death metal tracks the band also shows its melodic side with instrumental songs like �Dimorphic (Prologue)� � which is followed by the awesome title track � and �Instrumental�. Thirdmoon isn�t afraid to grab the acoustic guitars once in a while. The acoustic guitar work really adds something to the music and makes it more interesting and diverse. 

Your money is well spent when you like (melodic) death metal with a little bit more in it than just the standard and you buy the CD. Your money is even better spent when you buy the DigiPak with four bonus tracks, where three of them originated spontaneously during the recording of Dimorphic Cynosure.

Thirdmoon - Dimorphic Cynosure
85/1001Details Maintain Records
Released on Friday Nov 23rd, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @Gilles on Monday Nov 26th, 2007

Tags: #Thirdmoon
Tracklisting 1. Slave
2. Crawl Through Subspecies
3. Sinew Disconnected
4. Character Of Scars
5. Cross The Rubicon
6. Dimorphic (Prologue)
7. Dimorphic Cynosure
8. Sentenced To Aeons
9. Instrumental
10. Souls To Drown
11. Cadaverous Have
12. Livid
13. Entwined Dimensions
14. Nothing
15. Outro
Line up Wolfgang Rothbauer - Vocals, Guitar
Matias Larrede - Guitar
Dominik Sebastian - Guitar
Martin Zeller - Drums
Simon �ller - Bass