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Impaled Nazarene - Manifest
Finland�s most notorious band Impaled Nazarene are back to raise hell with their tenth studio release Manifest. Raging on for over 50 minutes it is also their longest album to date.
In their almost 20 years in the music business, they never compromised and they were never known for being subtle. Previous songtitles like �Angels Rectums Do Bleed� and �6th Degree Mindfuck� isn�t exactly to be called radio friendly material. And yet again they produced 16 decompositions to upset your mother.
This attitude has gained them a lot of respect from their long-time followers. Many bands in the extreme genre have compromised over the years. The guys from Impaled Nazarene probably don�t even know how to spell that word. Starting off ferociously with �The Antichrist Files� and �Mushroom Truth� it is clear that nothing really has changed since their Latex Cult days. Furious black/thrash metal from Finland, although we have heard it all before.
A few years ago they gained notoriety with the controversial �Zum Kotzen� with its Arbeit Macht Frei in the lyrics, even though it was to mock Nazism by declaring it was the stupidest sentence of all time. The casual listener probably didn�t get it due to the indistinct vocal style of Mika Luttinen. And this time they probably get the same kind of reactions with songs like �Blueprint For Your Culture�s Apocalypse�. Even though Impaled Nazarene does not write any political lyrics there will always be someone who complains. They just do what they always do and don�t give a fuck about anybody else. The fans know enough.
Impaled Nazarene - Manifest
75/1001Details Osmose Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 27th, 2007
Black/Thrash Metal

Writer @Angel on Tuesday Nov 27th, 2007

Tags: #Impaled Nazarene
Tracklisting 01. Intro � Greater Wrath
02. The Antichrist Files
03. Mushroom Truth
04. You Don't Rock Hard
05. Pathogen
06. Pandemia
07. The Calling
08. Funeral For Despicable Pigs
09. Planet Nazarene
10. Blueprint For Your Culture's Apocalypse
11. Goat Justice
12. Die Insane
13. Original Pig Rig
14. Suicide Song
15. When Violence Commands The Day
16. Dead Return
Line up Vocals: Mika Luttinen
Guitars: Jarno Anttila
Drums: Reima Kellokoski
Bass: Mikael Arnkil
Guitars: Tomi Ullgren