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Fabulous Disaster/ Flippin Beans Split - Fabulous Disaster/ Flippin Beans Split
In the beginning of 2007 I had the honour of reviewing an album of Flippin Beans. With Everything's Fine... Act Brave And Die Flippin Beans left a great impact on me so when I heard from themselves that they were releasing a split album with Fabulous Disaster I was delirious of joy. About two months ago the split album hit my doormat and a lot has happened in between. Not only did I have some problems at my work but also my mother was hit by car of which she still suffer the consequences today.
At those times it becomes very clear for my how much support I get from music. What does that mean for the split album of Fabulous Disaster and Flippin Beans? Personally I shared both good and bad news with this album which makes it an album of mixed emotions for me.
Fabulous Disaster, an all-girl band from San Francisco, kicks off the split album. The band that resides on the I Scream label plays catchy punk rock which is very common with the punk bands from the same area. Most of the songs are very solid and very catchy. With almost every song Fabulous Disaster got me moving, sometimes just nodding in my chair other times thrashing throughout my living room.
One big disappointment about the songs of Flippin Beans was that it were all songs that were released before. On the other hand the songs that are on this split album are typical Flippin Beans and always great to hear. Especially with �Humanity� and �TV� my car tops at 150 km/h and believe me that's all my car got!
In the end this is a great split for both bands to gain some credits in the evil punk rock world. Oh, by the way, an extra point is added for the nice artwork and all the ladies on the album.
Fabulous Disaster/ Flippin Beans Split - Fabulous Disaster/ Flippin Beans Split
Released on Tuesday Nov 27th, 2007
Punk Rock

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Nov 27th, 2007

Tags: #Fabulous Disaster/ Flippin Beans Split
Tracklisting Fabulous Disaster
1. Suck It Up
2. Black Eye
3. Turn The Lights Out
4. Tidal Wave

Flippin Beans
5. You Can't Change Me
6. Hymanity
7. TV
8. Your Time Is Up
Line up Fabulous Disaster:
Lynda Mandolyn - Vocals
Squeaky - Guitar&Vocals
Lizzie Boredom - Bass
Sally Disaster - Drums

Flippin Beans
Alex - Bass&Vocals
Antti - Guitar&Back ups
Tero - Guitar&Back ups
Lari - Drums