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Malummeh - Revival
It�s funny how much opinions differ from person to person. While doing some research before writing this review I found a very short but clear review of someone stating that this album sucked big time. There was nothing special to it and it contained everything you�d expect on a metalcore album. Well let me tell you this, I think that�s bullshit! But hey, that�s just an opinion.
It may be very true that this band isn�t the most original one out there. But then again, which band is?! Anyway, these guys bring way more to the table than just plain metalcore in the vein of for example Killswitch Engage. Malummeh�s music is more grooving and the singer doesn�t have that much of a high, nasty scream but more the low kind of vocals. The overall mix of music tends to float somewhere in between metal, new wave and thrash metal. Besides, if every starting band would play music like Malummeh does, the world would be a much better place �cause I know plenty of bands that lack such a sound as these Swedish youngsters have.
So yeah, I do like the production as well. It�s real nice and fat, creating that groove I was talking about earlier. But, to come back to the opinion of the review I read on the web, I also hear some points of consideration on this album. For example the diversity in the songs. They all have pretty much the same tempo and musical approach in �em. There aren�t many (big) surprises like some kick ass guitar solo or some surprises in the vocal department. This way I kinda get the feeling vocalist Marko Niemist� doesn�t really have a wide range of vocal capabilities, which is shame!
All in all Revival is a more than decent album but still lacks enough diversity to make things really interesting. Fans of Within Y and By Night should definitely give this one a try though! I for one am already curious to Malummeh�s next release.
Malummeh - Revival
70/1001Details Spikefarm Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 27th, 2007
Metal / Thrash / New Wave

Writer @Boek on Thursday Nov 29th, 2007

Tags: #Malummeh
Tracklisting 01. Revival
02. Turning Point
03. Bipolarity
04. Open Your Eyes
05. Cross The Lines
06. Unbidden
07. Buries In Our Heads
08. Make You Bleed
09. Here To Reign
10. In Denial
11. Bonus track
Line up Marko Niemist� � Vocals
Mikael Kiikka � Guitar
Jaakko Eskelinen � Guitar
Valtteri Kallio � Drums
Ville Nordensved � Bass