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Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers
Burning Saviours is a band hailing from Sweden and was founded in 2003 by Mikael Marjanen and Martin Wijkstr�m. After several demos and three albums, they unleashed Nymphs & Weavers on mankind. Is it a blessing or a curse?
Burning Saviours was started with the main aim to form a heavy rock/doom metalband and well, they have succeeded! Indeed they play heavy seventies rock with some (oldschool) doom elements. They wear their main influence on their sleeves namely: Black Sabbath. They also mix it up with some Uriah Heep elements and elements from bands like Candlemass or Cathedral but then a more light version of those bands.
Their music doesn�t contain any remarkable features. Though one factor really gives this band a hit or miss element and that�s the singer. He makes it very hard for me to review this album and give it a proper score. You either love his voice or hate it. I�m stuck in between. The first spin I really thought that Fredrik sings god-awful. My first impression was that his voice didn�t fit the music and that he sometimes sounds like he�s gasping for air. The following spins I got used to his voice and learned to tolerate it.
As mentioned the music itself isn�t groundbreaking. I have to admit that I sometimes got a bit bored with the songs. Too much the same pace and a glaring lack of diversity make me conclude that they really have to do something about their song writing skills. Because if they will follow on this foot I�m afraid they won�t go anywhere soon. Maybe finding an excellent singer will help�.
Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers
67/1001Details Transubstans Records
Released on Monday Oct 1st, 2007
Seventies Rock

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Dec 1st, 2007

Tags: #Burning Saviours
Tracklisting 1. Looking After The Phyre
2. Pondhillow�s Finest
3. The Spellweaver
4. Woodnymph
5. Dreaming Of Pastries
6. Signs
7. Trinity
8. Hillside Mansion
9. Exposed To The Heat Of Solace
Line up Fredrik Andersson - Vocals
Henry Pyykk� � Guitars
Mikael Marjanen � Guitars
Fredrik Evertsson - Bass
Martin Wijkstr�m � Drums