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Tacit Fury - The Invented Pain

When I received this record I put it in a corner of my room, because it didn�t look attracting at all to review. The artwork looked like a cheap 5-minute-work paint job which was printed, copied a thousand times by a cheap-ass copy machine, scanned in and printed again. I even could count the pixels on the CD itself. Eventually the deadline was coming close so I had to put this one in my laptop to listen to it. I discovered that the quality of the production was just as bad as the artwork. The music though was a little bit better... 

The Invented Pain
is the second full-length of these Russian doom/death metallers. The album starts with the nine minute song �The Abyss�. It is a song which contains low male grunts, some choir parts now and then and awful female vocals. Tacit Fury tries to create a dark atmosphere and once in a while they succeed with keyboard parts, a nice guitar solo and/or the dark grunts, but just when you get into it there is always something to ruin that atmosphere. Some tracks are very moaning, others are too amateurish. 

There are occasionally some decent songs on this release, but overall it�s just not worth your money.

Tacit Fury - The Invented Pain
55/1001Details Witchcraft Records
Released on Friday Jul 14th, 2006
Dark Doom / Death Metal

Writer @Gilles on Monday Dec 3rd, 2007

Tags: #Tacit Fury
Tracklisting 1. The Abyss
2. Indraught
3. I Despise
4. Life Aerie pt.1
5. Sacrificed Virgin
6. Maze Of Thougths
7. Nuclear Winter
8. For The Sake Of You
Line up Dmitry - Guitar, Vocals
Alexander - Drums
Sergey - Keyboards
Ivan - Bass
Aleksey - Guitar
Nataly - Vocals