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Milvains - Gemini
Well, one thing is sure. Besides most major labels, loads of obscure European labels have found Metalrage. After a flood of Czech grind, French punk rock and German power metal that will most likely never see the light of day on the Dutch scene, this time a low profiled Italian rock band fell on the Metalrage HQ doormat in the tiny town of Hedel. Sure, hand it to me. Why not.
Milvains (not a mispronunciation of the infamous Melvins) have recorded 10 Italian alt-rock songs on this little disc entitled Gemini. A relatively young group formed in 2001 to shout out their simple but entertaining punkrockish tracks. And as nice as it is to hear anything from the Italian rock scene (not quite the most vibrant in the world), I'm sorry to say it is anything but eyebrow raising.
The sound can be described as a blend of punk rock, noise and straight rock. The lyrics are in Italian, and there isn't much more I can tell you. Perhaps the fact that most of the songs sound alike, and sound hardly like anything new. Time will tell if Milvains can progress in more original territory.
I'll keep it at this: Milvains are probably a fun support act for larger Italian rock acts. Whoever those might be.
Milvains - Gemini
69/1001Details Kick
Released on Tuesday Dec 4th, 2007
Alternative Rock

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Dec 4th, 2007

Tags: #Milvains
Tracklisting 1. Gemini
2. Luna Negli Occhi
3. Non Dico Mai Che
4. Notte Isterica
5. Sara Sempre Peggio
6. La Sola Cosa
7. Dura E Cruda
8. Quanto Ancora
9. La Spirale Verso Il Basso
10. Impossible
Line up Stefano - Vocals & Guitar
Valeria - Bass
Alessio - Drums