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Freevil - Freevil is Burning
Some woman smeared in blood and intestines holding a torch. Oh, and her titties are bare. Well call me Skanky Frank, but if the artdepartment put a crate of beer in the background that might just be as metal as an albumcover gets. Quite ridiculous, but then again that's a good thing. Tits, torches and a bucket 'o blood. What else does one need for an evening of fun.
Enough about the cover. When clicking play, one gets surprised by the sound. Freevil's not a goregrind band! Full on thrash with a nice 'tear my larynx apart' squeel, supported by technoesque synths. Fucking fast, fucking loud. And well, quite good fun in fact! A fine example of the solid rock nation of Sweden. This trend of 'extreme metal' versus semi-cheesy synths keeps on thundering and surprising thoughtout the entire ride.
Comparisons can be made. Take some Gothenburg with, let's say death. And some screaming solos and cheesy synths (the spookey woooo-woo-wiieee effect achieved on 'Live The Lie' is a legend on its own, not to forget the awesome accordeon that exludes the song) and you've got Freevil. An obscure sound indeed. I have to admit, it's worth more than one listen. In fact, I dare say, this is so fucking weird at times, I'm convinced that my collegue Arcane will adore it!
While at it in all its weirdness, Freevil serves the straightforward thrash ('Morbid December') and the not so obvious glammy rock ('Hate'). And talk about nice surprises: Freevil is quite groovy at times!
Freevil is Burning and my advice is: while it is drink beer and if you're a woman: smear blood all over your body and bang that torch to this great little thrash/death/casio-keyboard extravanganza.
Tip of the week: Freevil!
ps: B.O.B., is that an homage to the woman who had Brigitte Bardot's initials tattooed on her buttcheeks?
Freevil - Freevil is Burning
79/1001Details Nastified Productions
Released on Tuesday Dec 4th, 2007
Wacky Thrash

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Dec 4th, 2007

Tags: #Freevil
Tracklisting 1. Deathblow
2. Killing Spree
3. Live The Lie
4. Dead End Pressure
5. Morbid December
6. Hate
7. Toxicated
8. B.O.B.
9. Roadvill
10. Infected World
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