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Vandal X - Instant Dislike
A long time ago I was confronted with Vandal X in my hometown. Back then they made an inerasable impression on me, because I�ve considered to buy their previous album entitled 13 Basic Hate Tracks a couple of times, until it was in the discount section. Now they bring me their new album; Instant Dislike.
This is a duo. A duo that makes a shitload of noise. On one hand there is a drummer, one that grooves like fuck. On the other hand there is a guy handling guitar and bass, both radically distorted, and most vocals (distorted as fuck) as well. What they do together is make the noisiest noise-rock �n� roll one has ever encounted. My problem with the first album was that the intensity of the live show wasn�t really captured on disc. This doesn�t seem to be the case with Instant Dislike, because it blows my fucking face of!
Like with the previous album there�s also a lot of weird intro-samples to the songs, the funniest one being a sort of tape used for learning new languages. This one is for English-Spanish I think, but the sentences being translated are �eat shit�, �eat shit and die�, �go fuck yourself� and other common insults. Hell, it puts a smile on my face.
The more I play this record, the more I like it. I even like the previous one better now although it is very obvious this new record is a whole lot nicer than that one. I�d suggest anyone with a weak for heavy distortion, noise rock and basically just music to piss you off, to check this out asap. These Belgians have some tricks up their sleeve and you�d better find out what they are before they smack your face in with it!
Vandal X - Instant Dislike
88/1001Details Vlas Vegas Records
Released on Tuesday Dec 4th, 2007
Noise Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Dec 4th, 2007

Tags: #Vandal X
Tracklisting 01. Crying Shame
02. I Like Your Pictures
03. Burn The Witch
04. Gun Now
05. Answer Unknown
06. The Game
07. From You
08. Like You Not
09. Instant Dislike
10. Fucking Switzerland
11. Stories Told/Dead End
12. Sugar Daddy
13. Monkey Brain
Line up Bart Timmerman - vocals, guitar, bass
Gunther Liket - drums