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Insomnius Dei - Illusions Of Silence
Insomnius Dei started as an ambient doom/death one-man project by songwriter Mark Kelson (The Eternal, Cryptal Darkness). When starting to write the debut record for Insomnius Dei, Kelson realized that involving other musicians would give this record a positive impulse. Because of this reason he added Terry Vainoras to his project. This isn�t the first cooperation between Vainoras and Kelson, because Vainoras also played in The Eternal and a while in Cryptal Darkness. Illusions Of Silence is also the first record where Kelson did the engineering and producing part himself. Endel Rivers who did the mastering for the records of The Eternal was also asked to do the mastering on this one. 

When I subscribed myself to review this album the description was �technical death metal�. The band itself describes their music as �Pink Floyd laced with death and doom metal� and that description is way better. Especially the melodic guitar parts have something Pink Floydish in it. Besides the melodic guitar parts you get nice slow music with both grunts and clean vocals. The interaction between those two styles is working out really great. The best thing about this whole record though is that every time you push the play button you discover something new in the music. 

The album consists of six ten-minute songs and �A Funeral Sky� which is a sort of an intermezzo between the title track and �Absent�. Each track is capable of tacking you away and forget about the world around you. The music is very intense and some songs are perfect for just lying on your bed, dreaming away, while others are dark and full of aggression. This record is truly a nice Christmas gift for doom fans.
Insomnius Dei - Illusions Of Silence
85/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Monday Nov 19th, 2007
Doom / Death Metal

Writer @Gilles on Thursday Dec 6th, 2007

Tags: #Insomnius Dei
Tracklisting 1. For The Memories Of Me Past
2. Seven Burning Eyes
3. Illusions Of Silence
4. A Funeral Sky
5. Absent
6. Terminal
7. The Aftermath
Line up Terry Vainoras: Vocals, Bass and Guitar
Mark Kelson: Guitar, Drums and Vocals