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Shatter Messiah - God Burns Like Flesh
Shatter Messiah�s sound is, according to themselves, a viscously intense mixture combining hardcore, classic thrash, power metal and goth. The band was formed in 2005 by Curran Murphy (Nevermore, Annihilator). This band made its debut in 2006 with their album Never To Play The Servant. Now, a year later, it�s time for their second album titled God Burns Like Flesh.
As I was listening to the first song from the album, I have to admit, I was nodding along. This all changed very quickly as I proceeded along to the other songs. The title track �God Burns Like Flesh� starts of pretty good. But when vocalist Greg Warner opens his throat, I�m a bit disappointed. I have to say, I�ve heard better vocalists.
The musicians however, brighten up my day. Two former Annihilator bandmates raise the bar. Drummer Robert Falzano and guitarist Curren Murphy are shredding right up my ass. As I get to the fourth song on the album, even a little smile appears on my face. �Stripped Of Faith� is the only song on the album that gets my full approval. The rest of the songs are a dime a dozen.
This album is like getting a blowjob from a beautiful woman, but when the moment is there, the bitch won�t swallow. Sure it�s nice, but nothing special.

[review by Paul Rotteveel]
Shatter Messiah - God Burns Like Flesh
65/1001Details Dockyard1
Released on Monday Oct 1st, 2007

Writer @Boek on Thursday Dec 6th, 2007

Tags: #Shatter Messiah
Tracklisting 1. Idolator
2. God Burns Like Flesh
3. Pathway
4. Stripped Of Faith
5. Dirge Of The Christ
6. Buried In Black
7. This Is The Day
8. Tomorrow Immortal
Line up Greg Warner � Vocals
Curran Murphy � Guitars
Dusty Holt � Guitars
Robert Falzano � Drums
Jason Chamberlain � Bass