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Zonderhoof - EP
Hereís a strange one. Zonderhoof is an instrumental band, that operate in the regions of stonerrock and psychedelic doom, stuff Iím very much into. After releasing a highly acclaimed demo last year, they now bring us an EP with four tracks. Letís rock!
The main comparisons I feel like making are towards Pelican (for the fact that itís instrumental heavy rock) and High On Fire, for itís heaviness. The comparison to the latter is a big compliment Iíd say, and itís mainly inspired by the sound of the drums, which is huge. But the songwriting is also more in the style of Pelican, it involves a lot of twists and turns that you donít see coming that easily. I like!
The absence of vocals is not a real problem, but I think that if they would try it, it might take the band to the next level. I mean High On Fireís Matt Pike only started singing because nobody else wanted to or could do it. And thatís worked out perfectly. This way itís pretty cool too, but it just might be that extra kick in the head. Iím not saying this album isnít good the way it is though, donít get me wrong. Because any fan of instrumental heavy stoner rock and such can buy this one blindly. Trust me.
Iíd like to give extra point for the cool artwork they provided with the record, itís really original and very funny I think. The extra points are also inspired by their thank you list, which is as follows: Ďhebt u mijn ezel gezien ik heb hemí. Any Dutch person should be laughing right now. Cool shit, this Zonderhoof.
Zonderhoof - EP
84/1001Details Sound Devastation Records
Released on Monday Oct 1st, 2007
Instrumental Stoner

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Dec 6th, 2007

Tags: #Zonderhoof
Tracklisting 1. Bilge Rat
2. Varkens
3. All Your Witches And Bitches
4. Zub
Line up Max Von Beek
Otto Kraal
Didier Baja
Porl Omsk