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Kingfisher Sky - Hallway Of Dreams
Kingfisher Sky was founded in 2001 by Ivar de Graaf (ex-Within Temptation) and Judith Rijnveld. They took their time, because not before 2006 (!!!) the result of their work finds their way on a demo. This demo was picked up by Suburban and they signed a deal (already completed with the other musicians). The result: Hallway Of Dreams.
As you can read I put this CD in the gothic rock corner, though this record has much more to offer than plain and simple gothic rock. You can also find traces of progressive rock and pop melodies in it.
Ivar has really found a gem in Judith Rijnveld. She can use her voice in different ways, though she sings most of the times in the higher regions, but without being too operatic. The high notes aren�t any problem for Judith, but she can also use her voice in a more soothing way. Besides the excellent vocals I definitely want to make a compliment for the drumwork on this album. Ivar has some kind of groove in his drumming which I like a lot!
Another nice virtue on this album is the diversity. As a listener you�re being pulled towards all ends of the rock spectrum. In my opinion a positive thing, though sometimes the contrast between two songs is too big and I can imagine that people who just like one kind of musical style will be scared away by it.
To cut the story short: I like this album. It�s not only for Gothic fans, but also for people who just like a good rock band. Though they have to find a way to make the songs a bit more coherent, so that the album really is an album and not a collection of songs.
Kingfisher Sky - Hallway Of Dreams
79/1001Details Suburban Records
Released on Friday Oct 12th, 2007
Female Fronted (Gothic) Rock

Writer @Neurotic on Friday Dec 7th, 2007

Tags: #Kingfisher Sky
Tracklisting 1. The Craving
2. Hallway Of Dreams
3. Balance Of Power
4. November
5. Big Fish
6. Through My Eyes
7. Seven Feet
8. Persephone
9. Her White Dress
10. Brody
11. Sempre Fedele
Line up Judith Rijnveld � Vocals
Daan Janzing � Guitar
Edo van der Kolk � Guitar
George van Olffen � Keyboards
Eric Hoogendoorn � Bass
Ivar de Graaf � Drums
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