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Eternal Blackout - Burning Day
It was just the summer of 2006 that the band Eternal Blackout was formed. After a long search for a bass player and playing some shows they decided to record their first demo, Burning Day. The band claims to be influenced by bands such as Maroon and Bleeding Through so prepare for some thrashing hard- and metalcore.
Something you just canít avoid on this demo is the recording quality. I know this band hasnít signed to any label yet so I wonít blame Ďem for their sound. Itís just that it makes it a tad harder to judge an effort. Sometimes I have to listen very carefully to hear certain parts in the music and other parts are a bit too present. Though, thatís probably only a matter of time and money so weíll leave it that.
The demo kicks in with a nice (and clear!) intro. First some spoken words (with which I definitely agree on certain parts) and then the music comes in. And whatís still left to say about the music we get to hear so often these days? I think that when you know the old sounds of Maroon youíll get the point of Eternal Blackout as well since it pretty much resembles that sound. And it does so in quite a nice way I must say.
Although the lead guitar creates quite some nice melodies throughout the demo, the overall sound of most songs doesnít sound very complex. Itís just your average hardcore breakdown here and some decent riffing there. Nothing really special, nothing really bad either. And the same goes for the vocals, which also remind me of the older work of Maroon. Itís really raw-edged (which is basically due to the production quality) and fortunately vocalist Stephan has quite a good throat. He really convinces, being clearly present in the overall mix and pumping out the right volume.
Whatís left is the conclusion. Eternal Blackout has a long, long way to go but I guess thatís something they already know. Theyíre probably able to present you some nice thrashing hardcore in your local venue so I suggest to go check Ďem out there for a couple of euros and drink some beers with the guys. You can always decide to buy the demo afterwards, for now Iím not holding you back from buying it but Iím not recommending it either. Just go out and support the local bands!
Eternal Blackout - Burning Day
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Saturday Dec 1st, 2007
Thrashing Hardcore

Writer @Boek on Sunday Dec 9th, 2007

Tags: #Eternal Blackout
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Judgement Day
3. Love vs Hate
4. Interlude
5. Bloodangel
6. Artificial Heartbeat
Line up Stephan Ė Vocals
Merein Ė Guitar
Elvis Ė Guitar
Jorrit Ė Drums